Jacob has written 14 reviews for films rated ★★★★½ .

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    Men would rather make a three hour Greek epic with Oedipus and Medea in a Binding of Isaac-esque game of chicken than go to therapy. 

    Ari Aster is wild and Beau Is Afraid is an unhinged blast from start to finish. It’s gorgeous, funny, and intentionally atonal and insane. It’s anxiety strapped to a rocket and the fuel is a fear of getting off.  

    I cannot imagine how on Earth he got Patti Lupone in on this.

  • The Whale

    The Whale


    The Whale is a one man knockout from Brendan Fraser. His performance is equal parts devastating and understated as he navigates through real grief and joy. 

    “I thought if I loved him enough…” is an absolutely devastating line and for me the crux of this work about how hard we try to help people and how so much of that help only happens by accident. We all help and hurt each other before we even understand how and our actions ripple out to others for longer than we’ll remember.

  • Decision to Leave

    Decision to Leave


    This detective literally sent his murder suspect a “u up?” text, which absolutely sealed the deal for me.

  • Triangle of Sadness

    Triangle of Sadness


    Everything is transactional when you have enough money *or* pretzel sticks, baybeeeeeeeee

  • All Quiet on the Western Front

    All Quiet on the Western Front


    All Quiet on the Western Front is a tremendous and arresting film that is done a huge disservice getting a limited release and then going to Netflix. It is stunning, the score is hauntingly good, and it deserves your full attention and the biggest screen you can find. 

    A stellar feat that manages to blend the big action and small intimacies and the warmth and coldness of humanity. One of the best war movies in recent memory, if not ever.

  • The Bob's Burgers Movie

    The Bob's Burgers Movie


    What’s not to like about a 100 minute Bob’s Burgers episode??

    It’s great, it’s cute, the songs rock, I’m a happy fan

  • Men



    Wow that was fun. 

    There’s a growing and shrinking horror to the finale that I relish. The villain is massive and horrific and also rather small and sad. 

    Jessie Buckley navigates it all fantastically and Alex Garland once again proves himself a talented and unique director. 

    A lot of this really worked for me and that ending is everything I love in horror. mother!, Suspiria, Men, it’s so fun seeing movies that just *go for it*. Bring it on.

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    Haunting and beautiful. How much can we understand each other, even those we know best, without letting go of our own security and giving in to our innate vulnerability?

    “It’ll be okay. I’m sure we’ll be okay.”

  • CODA



    A stunner of a movie. A touching story about what it is to need someone through a unique lens. The performances are phenomenal and deep and emotional.

    I hope this little film goes all the way. It deserves all the love and praise it’s getting.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    It’s the best Batman and it’s not close.

    You better count your days, Fincher, because Matt Reeve knows all your tricks.

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    Wes Anderson at his absolute best for me. 

    Rather unexpectedly, I feel like his style here is notably different from his other work. 

    It’s as meticulous and detailed as always, but I found myself really enjoying how loose and fluid this was. Everything he does well is here, but there’s also something new here and it’s a lot of fun to see. A dazzling visual display from him and an absolute knockout. 

    Each story includes just a hint of something unnecessary about halfway through, losing me for only just a moment, but manages every time to come back around into something truly lovely.

  • The Night House

    The Night House


    Many apologies to anyone in the theater with me during *that* jump scare where I shouted “Jesus CHRIST”, I truly disassociated out of pure fear.

    Rebecca Hall has no problem letting you know early and often that she is *not* doing alright. Beautiful, horrible, excellent.