Jacob has written 4 reviews for films rated ★★★★½ during 2021.

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    Wes Anderson at his absolute best for me. 

    Rather unexpectedly, I feel like his style here is notably different from his other work. 

    It’s as meticulous and detailed as always, but I found myself really enjoying how loose and fluid this was. Everything he does well is here, but there’s also something new here and it’s a lot of fun to see. A dazzling visual display from him and an absolute knockout. 

    Each story includes just a hint of something unnecessary about halfway through, losing me for only just a moment, but manages every time to come back around into something truly lovely.

  • The Night House

    The Night House


    Many apologies to anyone in the theater with me during *that* jump scare where I shouted “Jesus CHRIST”, I truly disassociated out of pure fear.

    Rebecca Hall has no problem letting you know early and often that she is *not* doing alright. Beautiful, horrible, excellent.

  • Zola



    Every time this movie goes off the rails and I think it cannot possibly go more off the rails, it finds more rails and immediately goes off of those rails.

  • Pig



    Give that Pig an Oscar right. now.

    (Give the Pig’s understudy one, too)