Spencer ★★★★½

“Will they kill me, do you think?”

Whoever is telling you this isn’t Joker for depressed girlbosses is lying to your face. 

Absolutely captivating. Suffocating to the point of collapse. A woman driven to the brink of insanity simply by being in close proximity to the worst people in the world. 

Stewart gives the best performance of the year by far, without breaking for a single moment. She is so transfixing and endearing that you forget she’s playing a member of the worst family to ever live. Every single step of her heartbreaking presence is magnetic and I could not get enough. It feels weird to say but her self loathing was my favorite part of her entire performance, it bleeds into every facial expression, every choice, every eye movement. Gorgeous. 

It’s also the best non-Dune cinematography of the year as well as containing a score that might just be the best of the year also. Even in a lesser movie those two factors would be enough to elevate this to Must See status. Idk what aspect ratio this was shot in but all movies need to look like this from now on, please. 

I certainly hate the royal family, as does anyone with a quarter of a brain cell, but I think part of the reason why this works so well is because this movie does too. Yes, its treatment of Diana in this story does not leave much room to critique her as part of the family, but it portrays the rest of them as such uncaring, evil, parasitic assholes and that was pretty great. 

Deeply cathartic, moving, beautiful stuff. Looks and sounds beautiful. Best performance of the year. Good freakin movie.

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