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  • Casablanca
  • Miami Vice
  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
  • New Rose Hotel

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  • Dune: Part Two


  • All of Us Strangers


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  • Tenet


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  • Ferrari



    “Fuck it, we both die.”

    A maelstrom of grief and pain, where the lightning strikes are the flashes of cameras and the only one who could possibly understand you has changed into a completely different person. A very unique Mann and yet very much in line with his sensibilities, the cars are fast and incredibly satisfying to both see and hear, there is a doomed relationship grounding everything, a protagonist who is both obsessive and driven, and it hits a lot…

  • Killers of the Flower Moon

    Killers of the Flower Moon


    "There was no mention of the murders."

    I'm seeing it again Monday so more coherent thoughts will come then because wow this has so many layers, but wow. What a staggering, haunting, bleak, towering achievement.

    The sins of America's foundations laid bare. Colonial violence and white supremacy driven by greed and self interest create a world of industry and capitalism that cares only for the bottom line and what every man can take for himself. Industry, capital, possession, the coming…

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  • Dune: Part Two

    Dune: Part Two


    “Father, I found my way.”

    Speechless. Perfect. Emotional. Pounding. Beautiful. Terrifying. Life changing. 

    I cannot believe what I just watched. Real review next time. I just wanna sit with it now. 

    Long live the fighters.

  • All of Us Strangers

    All of Us Strangers


    “You’re still here. That’s what we’re proud of.”

    Haven’t sobbed like that at a film since I think Aftersun. I think that makes this Mescal guy my enemy. 

    Not everyone’s gonna get it but I sure did. Broke my soul and heart wide open. Absolutely loved it. One of the most incredibly lonely, intimate, profoundly sad things I’ve ever seen. Don’t even know how to talk about it. Beautiful film. My eyes hurt lmao. Miss my dad. Movies. 

    “It hasn’t been long enough. It hasn’t been close to long enough.”

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  • Godzilla Minus One

    Godzilla Minus One


    "Come back alive, right?"

    Blew my face off. All at once a riveting emotionally driven war drama about a man who can't escape himself or his past, a cycle of death and rebirth, and some of the most terrifying and awe inspiring images I've ever encountered in a monster movie.

    I like Godzilla so much because he scares me. The sheer totality of him, the way he fills the frame and inspires a feeling of such incalculable and inescapable dread…

  • Tenet



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    ”Call it what you want.”
    “What do you call it?”

    70mm IMAX experience brings it up to five stars finally after five viewings. Neil’s eyes in his introduction. Andrei’s motivations and final scene. Repeated phrases that have no origin. Standard operating procedure. Whose job is it to tie up loose ends. 

    I get more out of it every time.

    Faith will save the world. It has to. 

    “I actually prefer soda water.”
    “No you don’t.”

    “I’ll see you at the beginning.”