Up ★★★★★

I guess I always had a good taste. This and toy story trilogy were my most rewatched films.
The intro is basically as good as the whole movie.
The plot is very simple and childish: after death of his beloved wife Carl Fredricksen going on the adventure to fulfill their childhood gream, on the way he meets Russell, whose parents are divorced( by the end of the film they're becoming good friends), and meets his childhood hero who became so much obsessed with finding the bird, who just wants to come back to her children, that he kills anyone who appeared, presumambly by him, in search of the bird.👍 "Y'know, for kids!"
I mean, some moments actually feels childish, like jokes or some of the stuff that Russell does, but hey, even my favorite Coco does have some annoying parts(or just bad jokes), so it's not a big deal especially in comparison to characters, music, intro and ending that both got me teared up( which is something that happens extremely rare when it comes to film, I'm not ashamed of it) and some other typical Pixar things.

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