Dawson Joyce

Dawson Joyce

Just your average white cis het American fat boy. He/Him. 20.

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  • The Amusement Park

    The Amusement Park


    Legendary director George A. Romero's final masterpiece, The Amusement Park is quite possibly one of the most unbelievably terrifying films you'll ever lay your eyes on, crafting a spine-tingling yet heart-shattering journey (and by that, I mean nightmare) into the horrors of ageism and elder abuse that's massively overwhelming in its editing and visuals but in the very best way.

  • Gunda



    Living up to its Letterboxd description as experiential cinema in its purest form, Gunda is a wonderfully made, very slow yet deeply relaxing documentary that works as well it does mainly thanks to its simplicity, capturing the lives of animals on a farm in ways both wholesome and insightful.

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    With its intense and exciting action sequences, excellent performances (with the exception of a laughable turn from Jesse Eisenberg), and dazzling visual spectacle being let down by an overstuffed and incoherent script that's filled to the brim with poorly written characters and needlessly convoluted plotting, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tries to be another Batman reboot, a Man of Steel sequel, and a Justice League set-up all at once with results that are nothing short of depressing to watch.…

  • Arrival



    Yet another terrific entry in director Denis Villeneuve's filmography, Arrival is one of the most intelligent, visually stunning, and thought-provoking science fiction films in recent memory, led by a career-best performance from Amy Adams and a pensive, poignant screenplay by Eric Heisserer.