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This review may contain spoilers.

Once again, a legendary piece of cinematic history impresses me. I can barely keep track of every little aspect I loved about this film. The characters are memorable and fascinating people, from Michael's transformation to be the gangster he was meant to be to Marlon Brando's legendary performance as Vito Corleone to Sonny being a brash, lovable asshole. Every performance is spot on and everyone feels like a workhorse to bring this world to life. The plot is loaded and entertaining, so many exciting twists and turns that makes the running time feel like a breeze. Unlike "Pulp Fiction," another movie I love but always get sad whenever it ends, this film is satisfying and by the end, that craving is subdued because there was so much excitement that went on. By god, that fucking Baptism scene...I've seen it before without context, but with context...I don't think I have ever felt a chill down my spine from how awe-inspiring this scene is. Score and lighting are especially incredible and really help with the themes of this film. Just the themes of this film are mind-boggling because of the tug and pull of the contrasts: public and private lives that become a blur, the difference between what's business and what's personal when everything becomes personal, the absence of morality in a world where people must create their own. And we haven't even gotten to the glorious gore and action in this film. The horse head, the oranges, the toll booth...every action scene has stakes and consequences and you care when the protagonists die and you need to see what happens next when the antagonists die. I cannot recommend this film enough.

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