City of God

City of God ★★★★

Film Club #21 (Pick by Framely)

A film that wears its influences on its sleeves, from rapid action movie cuts to Tarantino-esque storytelling & characters, in order to convince us dumb 'Muricans to stop and listen about the terrifyingly real issues that face Brazilians. I've watched and read enough to have a feeling that the story and feelings in the film are based on a reality I could never imagine myself living and thriving in. Being forced into the constant world of crime and violence no matter how hard you try or how young you are. Severe cyclical violence and complete defiance for systems & society. An extreme toxic masculinity and homophobia problem, an extremity of masculine swaggering and the demand for respect. It's a hard film to separate from the context of the all-too-real violence and poverty that plague Brazil, but there is a lot to appreciate with the action, acting, storytelling, and soundtrack. The filmmaking techniques may have become antiquated but the contents inside hold up incredibly well. Expect a higher rating upon rewatches.

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