Halloween ★★★★★

How fucked up would it be if Ben Tramer walked over to see Laurie at Tommy Doyle's house after Jaime Lee thought Myers was dead and she killed him. He was wearing a similar costume.

It's not the first slasher flick but it is the one that opened the floodgates for them in the late 1970's and 80's. It's perfection from the beginning to the end. Halloween takes the audience on a roller coaster of thrills, though ALOT of the younger generation aren't as fond because of the small body count and very little blood shown. It's an exercise in less is more but of course from there on out the murders would have to be more gory to please audiences. It's cliche by now but the escaped maniac on a killing spree was fresh in '78. Carpenter crafts such a tense little flick, the POV shots, interesting camera angles, plenty of scares both fake and real. I love how sometimes there's something barely out of the frame sometimes it's Michael others it's just a tree or something.The whole score is fantastic but the jarring music for the scares can get even audience members who have seen it before & know what happens STILL jump.

The ending is chilling and it's just 2nd unit shots of locations Myers was or could be again. Accompanied by the music it sets the creepiest of tones. Audiences wanted more Michael and got their wish. A horror icon was born

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