DeVour ½

Lame, boring, and confusing mid 00's direct-to-DVD horror flick with shades of 967-EVIL & Brainscan. Waking nightmares(frightening daydreams), fantasies of violence, an evil computer game which calls you and tells you what to do and fucks with your head, what's real and what's not?.... I've seen this story before

I don't watch the show Supernaturals so the name Jensen only would mean cheap stereo equipment until I'd see him in the soso My Bloody Valentine remake which he'd make after this flick. The general consensus of those reviewing this is that they're Jensen Ackles fans.

All in all Devour lacks the scares and with a story involving a young man with waking nightmares in which dream sequences let the audience wonder what's real or not but if the story isn't engaging enough the audience doesn't give a shit. Its a potpourri of tired cliches all strung together, younger audiences might find it entertaining but those who have seen a story not only done before but done BETTER before will be as bored as i was. Honestly I couldn't help but zone out a few times before deciding I should fold laundry during the majority of the 90 min run time. I don't think I missed anything as I guessed correctly how'd it end. Utterly forgettable crap flick

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