Unbreakable ★★★½

M. Night Shyamalan's films are unjustly hated and I don't understand why. With The Sixth Sense, all the articles were calling him the next Spielberg and honestly, I think it still holds true.
This film is just absolutely masterful. There is so much to learn in just the first 20 minutes alone.
He has a real gift for tones, moods, and pacing. I love the understated acting throughout, everyone was fantastic.
It really is a great film.

Genuinely though, I don't understand the hate. Today I saw articles making fun of him saying he cried while reading bad reviews for Glass. Why is that something to make fun of? I really enjoy almost all of his films (yes even The Happening and Lady in the Water.) His films are accessible but in a sea of standards in Hollywood they stand out as clear passion projects that are just really well crafted. Why the hate?