The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III ★★★★

I finally got around to seeing one of the most controversial sequels of all time. I’ve seen Part I and Part II many many times but with the newly edited “Coda” version coming out in a few days I figured I should watch this.

I have to say, I really don’t get all of the hate that plagues this film. I found it very engaging with an interesting story and great performances...for the most part. Sofia Coppola does a really poor job in this and considering the prior films thrive off great performances I just don’t understand why she’d be cast. I mean obviously she’s the directors daughter but even he should’ve realized her talents aren’t aligned with acting. She hinders certain scenes that could’ve been really great. 

Obviously, Al Pacino continues another nuanced performance albeit this time around not as great as the previous films but still very engaging. Everything else I found to be really great and definitely above average. I love how the film centers around the church and a lot of the controversy that continues to grow and threaten it’s “strength”. Despite what others have said, I really like the ending and how subtle it is after the carnage that ensues just before. What else did you guys want? Micheal Corleone with his back against the wall, a massive machine gun in hand and a giant pile of coke on his desk screaming “SAY HELLO TO MY LIL FRIEND”? Sometimes a subdued ending for a larger than life character is just what I need.

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