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  • Luca



    Tales of friendship and compassion makes me cry... Seriously, I don’t care if you judges, but especially during times where everyone seems to be caring about their own life, where apathy and hate prevails after the crown 19 year, it’s really great so see a film that brings such a imaginative universe back to our lives again... 

    I read a critic from “Profanity Fair” and many others from the sick news corporations saying this was the first gay movie from Pixar?…

  • Logan



    Children killing people is fun and popcorn!
    I mean, what a crazy world we living in isn’t?
    For each psychopath making a movie in Hollywood there will be thousands of fans to glorify these values. They want to poison our soul with disgraceful ethics and meaningless violence! Oh, the suit men!
    And people will pay to see it... 
    - That’s what ROME likes my friend! Blood!
    ( it just needs to be well done, good)

    I even enjoyed the very early…

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  • Cabaret



    Dark times ahead but the show must go on!
    What a tremendous view back to moments before terror comes to power in Germany
    Empty souls, dull dreams, cynical affairs...
      What a Cabaret

    Liza Minnelli shines bright in such a great performance making Sally Bowles iconic forever. What a great casting by the way, the master of ceremonies was something else too! Of course the choreographies are a show apart, it’s all very authentic and way ahead of its time!

    À bientôt....

  • Spartacus



    Politics, war, witchcraft, revolution talks...
    Oh Kubrick, I love you!

    What about that scene with Draba?
    Moments before the fight where they hear the corrupted monarchs, one level above the slaves, talking about their rotten schemes... Draba always knew what he needed to do. You can see in his eyes he’s a witch and totally conscious about the hero journey.
    Pure magic.

    What about Laurence? Kirk? Charles?
    Varinia, Antoninus, the fat Batiatus...

    What about Dalton Trumbo lines about the Roman empire…