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  • The Cameraman
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  • PK
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  • Ennio



    Celebrating the maestro
    Oh Ennio! Rest in peace, old friend. 
    We appreciate you so much. 
    Your music. 
    It’s art, it’s transcendental, it’s CINEMA, It’s nothing less than this — Sir, you freaking changed the world!

    Who would guess that horse riding with guitars would be just the beginning…
    Nothing could stop you, Ennio.
    They judged your poetry, criticized your methods, and your tones, but you never stopped, here and there, bells, noises, trumpets, … Bach, Beethoven, Stravinsky, let’s…

  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


    Talking about the American Constitution for kids and dreamers... 
    It seems too good to be truth but this is pure cinematic revolution and yes, it is so good!

    Luckily I watched It’s a Wonderful Life and I know Frank Capra is not from this planet. The way his characters talk and how the situations are unfolded on his films, it’s all unique, even annoying some times, it’s such a different universe, with elevated ethics and hopes for a better world!…

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  • Retribution



    My mother-in-law asked me to watch this one. She said the main reason is that Liam Neeson is "hot” and his movies are the best..

    Hot or Not, OK, I like the man; he’s undoubtedly talented and all that, but I have the impression he’s been doing the same movie over and over after the mega success of Taken.

    I knew from the moment the movie started that he would fix the situation, save his kids, and beat for real the bad guy. And everybody goes crazy! 

    Copy, paste, and repeat. Success!

  • Lower City

    Lower City


    I rewatched it again as part of my research for an upcoming project.

    It is still, for me, 
    One of the best films from the state of Bahia in Brazil.

    LAZARO, WAGNER and ALICE are truly phenomenal on screen; they are now immortal because of everything achieved here.

    * They are all international stars; Wagner was Pablo Escobar in Narcos; Alice did movies with Will Smith and Lazaro directed and acted on all kinds of stuff too.

    Already on both lists;

    — CINEMA FROM BAHIA - Films and shorts ☀️🪘

    — They call it Brazil with Z 🇧🇷

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  • Oppenheimer



    Nolanheimer - an explosion of things 💥

    I’m really surprised by the cult of the genius here:
    —Oh, That man is a genius, Oh Oppie is so smart, Look how he thinks, What a genius, Oh so sexy two girlfriends, He’s really a genius because that!
     Bla Bla Bla Gibberish hubba hubba!

    Not gonna hide my disappointment with the film to be honest with you, And I kinda wonder myself if this adoration for the “individual genius” isn’t part of a…

  • Glass Onion

    Glass Onion


    Entertainment for smart people
    Bodies Bodies Bodies for grownups 

    —What a brilliant screenplay.
    The references, the multiple details, from the paintings to the glass sculptures, everything here is above the expectations and delivers a joyful ride.

    Maybe better than its predecessor.

    There’s a thin line between the fictitious rich guy and the billionaires puppets from real world.

    I think Elon Musk and its generic colleagues are all imbeciles and why not… Murders! (!) Yes, I said it! 

    Netflix and Chill — in its glorious shape.