Prospect ★★★½

Prospect would fit pretty perfectly within the Firefly extended universe. Or maybe it just feels like that because Pedro Pascal is doing a pretty spot-on Nathan Fillion impression.

Also, genuine question - has anyone done any studies on the "squeezed middle" of the film landscape? The films that aren't good/big-budget enough to get a lot of buzz nor are they so bad that they're also getting a lot of buzz? Because I'd love to know why I hear so much about, for example, Bohemian Rhapsody whose trailers actively put me off the film and whose subject-matter I have almost no interest in but I still sat and watched all two hours out of a sense of, I dunno, FOMO or something? Whereas Prospect (which, despite the middling rating I'm giving it) was still a thousand percent more interesting and appealing to me and yet the film only appeared on my radar by complete chance.

If so, link me up.