Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

Watching a new Rian Johnson film is an incredible experience. Speaking to Knives Out specifically, it's the cinematic equivalent to a person guiding into weird, wild places, but still wanting to make sure you're nice and comfortable. I can't remember the last film I watched that was as easy to watch as Knives Out. I'd call it a lightning in a bottle film, but Johnson's track record is now far too proven, this cast too great, Steve Yedlin too gifted a cinematographer to simply refer to this as any kind of fluke. Everyone was clearly on the same page making this film, and the result is incredibly satisfying.

With a deceptively simple mystery at its centre, Johnson uses this framework to give his characters so many great things to do. It's a brilliant move to give the audience a tonne to chew on from the beginning, because we're then placed within this mystery, both as observers and in on the secret. It's also an extreme credit to the talents of production designers David Crank and Jeremy Woodward, for making the locations, particularly the house, feel so lived-in and lush to sit in.

I already know that this film is going to be on heavy rotation in the future. Doubly so, I'm beyond excited at the prospect of a follow-up to this film focusing on Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc. Craig is infinitely charismatic when the Bond franchise isn't putting a leash on him.

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