Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★★

Kiki's Delivery Service just might be my favourite coming of age film. In Kiki's sort-of gap year to a new town, I saw all of the same challenges, excitement and growth that I too experienced entering adolescence. The film is about entering into a new place with apprehensive excitement. It's about understanding the value of support networks, and those that wish to see us succeed. It's about understanding that our failings are simply new opportunities to gain a greater understanding about ourselves. Perhaps most importantly, it's about those moments where we explore outside our comfort zone, and find the beauty in places and people.

I loved that so much of the film is about Kiki interacting with other women, all in different stages of their own journeys. In each of the people she meets, she's able to develop her own sense of self and understanding, and they see something of themselves in her youthful passion. There's something so beautiful about these women supporting Kiki through her growth with acceptance and empathy, ultimately culminating in a climax where every one of them is cheering her on and lauding her success. It's such a kind film that shows the profoundness of what we can share with one another, and the way that we are all uplifted in moments of reciprocal joy and love.

Cinematic comfort food.

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