Pig ★★★★½

2021 Movies Ranked

Wow! This was way better than I expected from the trailer/description. I thought this was brilliant - one of my favorite films of the year so far.

It starts out kind of slow, feeling like a million other indie thrillers/dramas, but as it goes, layers begin to peel back, and it becomes something else entirely.

As it progresses, the film reveals itself as something much more tender and emotional than I had any reason to expect from the first act. And yet, it never felt like we were deviating from the original direction. He IS trying to get his pig back the whole time, and that is always a source of tension throughout the film. But on the way, the film manages to show us so much more: it explores deep personal themes, elegantly develops the characters, introduces a layer of dark, slightly absurd humor, and ends up making a profound commentary on the food industry as an outlet for culinary art. Each act builds beautifully and organically on the one before, and the 3rd act totally snuck up on me, and blew me away.

Nic Cage delivers a really strong performance (is this the beginning of a Cagessaince?), but I was most surprised by Alex Wolff - we’ve seen him pop up in a lot of projects in recent years, but this was the best work I’ve seen from him yet. And by the end of the film, I was pleasantly surprised by the way his character was utilized.

I was kind of on the fence about seeing this, because it didn’t seem like my cup of tea. But I was totally wrong - I’m glad I gave it a chance.

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