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  • It Always Rains on Sunday

    It Always Rains on Sunday


    An Ealing classic directed by the acclaimed Robert Hamer. He had already work with star Googie Withers on his two previous credited films, “Dead of Night” and “Pink String and Sealing Wax”, and it would appear to have been a winning combination because all three were hits and contain arguably her best performances. Here she is an ex barmaid married to a much older man, Edward Chapman, and saddled with two teenage step-daughters, and a cheeky school boy son, who…

  • Mare of Easttown

    Mare of Easttown


    Kate Winslet’s dour and troubled face dominates this mini-series, as her character suffers as much as any of the inhabitants of the bible. As well as being the lead detective in a local murder case, she has a family bedevilled by problems, while she struggles with the aftermath of her son’s suicide. Winslet gives an outstanding performance as this strong but flawed woman. The whole cast gives her solid support, with special mention to Jean Smart as her feisty wise cracking mother.

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  • Caravan



    Wild Gainsborough melodrama from the purple pen of Lady Eleanor Smith with marvellous camp performances from Dennis Price and Robert Helpmann. There is also athletic performance from Stewart Granger, while Anne Crawford follows in the distinguished footsteps of Phyllis Calvert & Patricia Roc by offering the blandest of Leading ladies. Jean Kent, however, is on hand as a spirited travelling woman. Kent can’t sing and she can’t dance, but She certainly is a lot of fun, even is she does lay…

  • The Limping Man

    The Limping Man


    A decent enough thriller with a lazy ending.