• The Batman

    The Batman


    I can enjoy the viewing experience of The Batman and say some nice things about it, but the neolib politics of status quo maintenance is everything we don’t need in mainstream movies that cloak themselves as progressive. 

    Batman is a character that should be deconstructed and dismantled to be relevant today, and of course a film studio isn’t capable of prioritizing the message over profit, but since so many of us watch mainstream movies we obviously have to remain critical…

  • Black Moon

    Black Moon


    Don’t you hate it when your underwear just slips off and falls around your ankles?

    I support women taking men of the u.s. supreme court out and kicking them mercilessly in a field.

  • Slums of Beverly Hills

    Slums of Beverly Hills


    Does a man commit sexual assault? ✅
    Is the man forgiven and lionized? ✅

    But the performances are good and it’s worth it to expand your Natasha Lyonne filmography. Great to have a woman-centric story written and directed by a woman but that conclusion’s gross!

  • Death Train

    Death Train

    That one train scene in Goldeneye did a death train better.

  • Shadow of the Vampire

    Shadow of the Vampire


    The film director and their camera as vampire. A live audience gives life to a performer while a camera drains them. Willem Dafoe’s long fingernails clacking against one another. Shocked that Udo Kier is not a vampire here. Gotta love a this-film-must-be-made movie.

  • Shaun of the Dead

    Shaun of the Dead


    Loss, change, growth, the little internal deaths we survive. Don’t know what to do? Do it for someone else. 

    “How are you doing?”

  • Audition



    Feetless in Seattle. 3/4 simmering, 1/4 boiling. Said it better than Phantom Thread.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    For those of us on an anti-fascist diet, the character of Batman feels like a cheat food we’ve indulged in previously but need to excise permanently before it makes us physically ill. 

    Not only because there have been too many Batmen, but in The Batman’s (2022) case especially because it’s a neoliberal Batman insidiously cloaked as a leftist Batman. 

    The bat still neglects to become an abolitionist, shaking hands with cops while framing crime as a bottom-up problem rather than…

  • Tammy and the T-Rex

    Tammy and the T-Rex


    It makes total sense when you read that someone had access to an animatronic dinosaur for a few weeks and wanted to make a movie but didn’t know how. 

    This rubber dinosaur Tom Sawyer’s the funeral for his human body and literal tears stream down its face. A real delight.

  • Altered States

    Altered States


    Yes I’ll use the generic term “fever dream” William Hurt can sweat. This movie is wet. 

    I do love a good yarn about men forsaking love and community for an inflated ego and a one-way ticket to the void. Good thing this man is white and cishet so he can escape any moral or legal accountability! 

    I haven’t read the book but the way this was made it really feels like the story was improved on screen, it was very cinematic for a talky. Makes me want to check out more Ken Russell.

  • Jackass Number Two

    Jackass Number Two

    The casual racism and confederate flag-decorated clothes in these first two 🙄

  • Cosmopolis



    Not to be a film snob but I turned this off 35 minutes in and watched Jackass 3 instead.