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  • Drunken Master

    Drunken Master

    Jackie Chan's second film with director Yuen Woo-ping, and the one that made him a huge star in Asia, is much like their previous collaboration, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, but better on every level. The story is improved, the comedy is funnier and the action is spellbinding at times.

    The first major improvement is that Drunken Master places Chan in a position from the off to show off his incredible combat skills. Whereas Snake in the Eagle's Shadow took…

  • Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

    Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

    Jackie Chan's first collaboration with Drunken Master director Yuen Woo-ping is a kung-fu action comedy with a little too much emphasis on the comedy for my personal tastes.

    Chan stars as Chien Fu, a not-too-bright young orphan who works as a janitor at a kung fu school. As the kids learn from their master, Chien Fu washes the floors until the master decides it will be fun to step in white powder and dirty the floors all over again. If…

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  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale

    Four years is a long time in the world of James Bond films, and in 2006, Eon hit the hard reset button with Daniel Craig’s first outing - Casino Royale. It was something they’d been hinting at, going back as far as the late-80s with Timothy Dalton - a push away from the increasingly lighthearted and camp Roger Moore films. But in all honesty, they never really left the outlandish heart of the franchise, instead dressing it all up as…

  • Skyfall


    I remember British film critic Mark Kermode's review of Skyfall beginning along the lines of "and we're back" and it's hard to argue with that sentiment. Quantum of Solace, without being a terrible film, just felt like yet another Bond movie, whereas Daniel Craig's first outing felt anything but.

    And as we know with so many franchises, once that malaise sets in, it can be very difficult to pull back out of it. Nowadays, producers tend to bail as soon…