Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

Rian Johnson is a great director and I’m tired of the slander.
He probably wasn’t the best choice to write a Star Wars movie that continues the Skywalker Saga without a clear vision of where the story should go, but he’s a great director.

Knives Out is an unconventional murder mystery with an all star cast of suspects that weaves insanity into every line of dialogue like it’s the thread that holds the sandwich together.

Starting at that all star cast everyone does phenomenally. There’s certainly a centeral character, one person the movie pivots around more than the rest but everyone gets a time to shine.
The directing and cinematography are also fantastic, this is definitely one of the best looking movies I’ve seen this year and there’s been some damn fine looking films in 2019.
Aside from one weird moment of ADR the editing is also great.
Where things really get good though is the story.

Holy Shit, the story.
It takes so many twists and turns every few minutes, every few minutes the story weaves in something new.
The very final reveal could’ve possibly been better telegraphed, a few more hints to who the culprit was might’ve made me feel like a better detective than just having Southern Daniel Craig exposition it to me.

Either way Knives Out was a blast.
It’s definitely one of my favorites of the year.

Side note. It’s the only PG-13 movie I can think of where they used both the allotted F-Bombs.
Used ‘em really well too.

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