Video Carnage

Video Carnage ★★★★★

Video Carnage is the fourth feature I’ve seen by Jordan Ros and Ethan Hansen on their YouTube channel Doomed Productions, if you haven’t checked them out you definitely should. Time and time again these guys continue to make strikingly shot, well assembled, compelling movies for no money.

What I love about Doomed Productions is that they’re operating in the no-budget sphere but still adhering to more classical narrative structures. Video Carnage is a god’s honest thriller, largely made by two people, that could hold its own against most made by dozens or even hundreds. The climax this builds to genuinely got my blood pumping.

The choice of having one of the two main characters have to overcome their COVID-induced agoraphobia was incredibly intelligent and signals to smart ways movies can use the pandemic moving forward without becoming “pandemic movies”.

The main thing working against this movie is the dubbing of just about every line. It felt like it was done out of necessity rather than as a stylistic choice, which makes it easier to forgive but distracting nonetheless. More times than not I can tell the performance on camera is much better than that of the dub and the disconnect did take me out of it. This is further evidenced by a few scenes where the original audio is used and it’s night and day how much better the performances come across with original their audio. With that said, if the choice is between making a dubbed movie or no movie at all, choose dubbed every time.

What I love about Jordan and Ethan is their willingness to share their process. Since Video Carnage came out two weeks ago they’ve already released six behind the scenes videos on their channel. Their passion is contagious and they want it to be.

The movie is free on YouTube and worth the watch -

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