Solo ★★

I think what separates a bad movie from a so-bad-it’s-good movie is that a bad movie is typically cliche and tropey in its badness, whereas a so-bad-it’s-good movie will aim for similar mediocrity and still miss entirely. That’s what makes The Room, Fateful Findings, Samurai Cop and all the greats so great, they play like an alien’s idea of what a movie should be. They manage to replicate the structure but absolutely none of the execution. That’s where something like Solo fails, it stops merely at cliche. It’s some weird hodgepodge of things we’ve all seen a thousand times before. It’s Predator meets Rambo meets Terminator with none of the charm. Cliche enough to be bad, but not weird enough to be good.

Watched for my friend’s Adrien Brody podcast Brodyfest - 'Solo' episode I guested on OUT NOW!

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