Making YouTube

Making YouTube ★★★★★

At the start of 2021, Dax Flame made an ultimatum that if he didn’t have a million subscribers by the end of the year he would delete his channel. This became the through line of his work for the rest of the year. As this goal began to seem out of reach, he gave himself opt-out clauses, which were either make/release an album or direct/release a movie. 

In October 2021 Dax and I shot our movie Drowning in Potential together and I suggested he use it for the opt-out clause. But he was determined to make a movie entirely of his own volition and post it on his channel. Days after our shooting finished he announced and set out to do just that.

Making YouTube is exactly that. A movie made to fulfill a clause. One that I think has great moments in its own right, but is doubly fascinating when viewed through the lens that, yes it was rushed and yes it was sort of arbitrarily willed into existence. It has audio issues here and there, and is largely a paint by numbers biopic, but is surprisingly well assembled given the fact that Dax was working tirelessly until midnight of New Years Eve getting it released on time.

Dax’s documentary Indoor Garden remains his best feature, that’s a genuinely beautiful self reflective piece. But I feel like Making YouTube is exactly what he needed to make right now. Just to show himself that he can. Now that he knows that, I can’t wait for him to make something else.

Making YouTube is free on YouTube and worth your time -