Carmen Christopher: Street Special

Carmen Christopher: Street Special ★★½

I’ve seen Carmen Christopher live multiple times and I firmly believe he’s one of the funniest comedians working today. I’ve heard the material from this special multiple times in person and it killed me each time, and it’s sad to see it wasted here on one long joke. That joke being, Carmen with a portable loudspeaker performs to uninterested bystanders on the NYC street. It would make for a funny short, but simply doesn’t have enough mileage to demand a full special. To make matters worse, Carmen’s delivery is usually stilted and awkward on purpose and it works, but here he’s doing everything even more stilted and more awkward to heighten the embarrassment of people on the street not caring, but in doing so he drains the jokes of how funny they actually are. In his interview on Seth Meyers, Carmen said he wanted to burn this material and move on, and sadly that feels like what he did.

I don’t wanna be too negative cause I love Carmen’s stand up so check out this monologue it’s great -

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