Halloween ★★★★★

Ahhhhhhh, Halloween. What to even say?

I love this movie, always have and always will. That being said I can definitely acknowledge that it's not a perfect movie and that some people tend to overrate it. It's not a perfect film by any stretch and it is beginning to show it's age a little bit but still it remains a personal favourite of mine.

It's just a solid film and a perfect representation of spooky autumn vibes. It's also just such the quintessential slasher, a lot of the rules and tropes we associate with the genre originated here. It's got a strong memorable story which is aided by some fantastic performances. And it's got a strong, piercing atmosphere as well as an amazing score!!

I mean, it's classic, y'all know it, y'all love it. So what else do I even gotta say? :) 10/10

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