Roma ★★★★★

I could admire Roma on the same screen as some of the greatest masterpieces; for example, the restored version for Stalker, and the restored 70mm's for Lawrence of Arabia and 2001: A Space Odyssey. I am usually far from jumping to conclusions, but herewith I am sure: Roma ranks right among these timeless masterpieces, as one of the best cinematic works ever to exist.

The surround sound is beyond perfection, it literally circles around the viewer - I have never experienced sound being more immersing than this. And don't get me started on Cuaron's camera-movements, they are sublime; the pans are timed perfectly, on the millisecond, every time pushing the characters forward in this messy world; and the sideways tracking shots, wow! If you are lucky, there is one perfectly choreographed sideways tracking shot in an art film, but Roma amazes you with one even more mesmerizing than the other, climaxing in a shot in the sea, one that does all these things, and even more indescribable things. It is a shot that shows the true being of cinema, a pure art form, when in the hands of a master like Cuaron.

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