Zodiac ★★★★

enjoyed it a tad more on a rewatch.
although it lacks the craft and look of "se7en" or the intensity and masterclass levels of filmmaking of "JFK" zodiac is still a really well made invastigation movie, the mistery is very interesting and the film manages to be gripping for the most part, the cast is full of amazing actors and they all make a fantastic job, some may argue that in some scenes the directing feels a little souless, but i think it's not, i think that fincher took a more calculated approach to this story, while in se7en it feels more like a demonicly terryfying noir here it feels like a "all the president's men" type of investigation...
this is boring as hell and if it wasn't directed my the master that fincher is i DEFINITELY wouldn't give it such a high score, but man does this guy knows how to direct stuff

(panic room is still better fuck you)

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