Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ★★★★

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new mcu movie!!
"shang chi and the leyend of the ten rings" is the 25th movie in the mcu and's really good! some of the jokes fell flat and the second act is reeeeeally boring, like made me think abt a 3.5 level of boring, but the rest? it was quite nice.
first of all, THE ACTIONNNNN AHHHHHHH, this has the best fight choreography in the mcu, civil war and winter soldier come close but this takes the crown, the action in this is sublime. the acting overall is pretty good too and the characters are all very charismatic, the comedy works for the most part and there were a couple of clever jokes. i have a couple of hot takes tho, first of all; the villain ain't that great, i mean yeah it's good don't get me wrong but like it's not top tier, (still better than fucking taskmaster tho), second; the 3rd act slaps, did it made sense? no, was it rushed? oh yeah, did it slap? most definitely. the third act was fucking beautiful visually regarding, i just loved it.

overall although there were some stuff that made me want to drop the rating and the 2nd act was too long/slow this was a rly good film with some impressive action

(also a character returns...and let me tell ya, it was glorious)

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