My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro ★★★½

final verdict: "GOOD"

i wasn't expecting to love it, and i didn't. i've watched 2 ghibli films and i didn't loved any of them, perhaps it's because anime isn't really my thing, but even if i mostly dislike anime i think that the animation in this is good, imo it's not great, but i still quite enjoyed it and it was quite nice to watch. wouldnt really call it overrated because my main criticism towards it is that i didn't personally really liked it
i didn't enjoyed the "cute" aspect tho, idk, it ain't my thing and sometimes it could get annoyingly happy, the main plot was meh but it's just 88 minutes and i managed to get some fun out of it, i was close to giving it 3 stars because i was just "oh aight 😐" throughout it but it has alot of heart and idk i feel positive today.
recommended if you like anime

it may fall to 3 stars later

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