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  • Lola



    First time rewatching a Fassbinder and it really held up <33. Just so good about weaving media criticism; critiques of left assimilation under the suffocation of capitalism and its technicolor smokescreens of agency; parodies of tv, theater and film melodramas; the perpetuation of fascism under the authority of capitalisms viciousness; and absolutely saccharine sets holding all the dramas of competition and the proprieties over property!

  • The Inheritance

    The Inheritance


    Rewatched again with MOVE in the news and this is such a fucking vital film that I'm shocked hasn't made more waves among leftists into film. The archival footage and MOVE oral histories alone make this important, but it's within such a rich collage of reading and listening and attempting to pick up and continue the legacies we've inherited. It's so indicative of the moment that so many nacent American Socialists find ourselves in. The way that it grounds and…

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