The Batman

The Batman ★★★

I actually thought this was pretty exciting. It’s claustrophobic and labyrinthine, almost never giving an establishing shot of the building exteriors. Wish they leaned even harder into that- forget NY and Chicago- take me through a maze like Kowloon!

LOVED Bruce Wayne. He’s like the kind of blue blood aristocracy that physically suffers from their status. I could watch his anemic face forever. Shakespearean.

Did not dig him as Batman. Clung to the Bale era. Which is fine for Bale, love Bale, but wanted something that matched up with this new world- something more DIY looking like Catwoman was. I want him driving a Chevy.

His fighting was unimpressive to me- looked like a karate white belt lol. But I did appreciate the wide shot/ long take so they didn’t hide that fact. Actually I’ve talked myself into liking the action. It’s funny.

Loved Paul Dano 20 years ago in Little Miss Sunshine but in not much else since. Bummer!!!

Overall I liked it but it could have dove further into its own world than try and maintain continuity with the Bale.

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