Metal Lords

Metal Lords ★★

I literally didn’t know this was a movie until the next episode didn’t auto play, and I went to manually hit “I’m still watching” and saw full on end credits. Trying to pivot my conception from background show like “Never Have I Ever” to understanding this is a film…. It’s pretty lacking in narrative arc, character development, world building, etc. Even thinking it was a show, it’s definitely lower than a lot of the other teen trash I enjoy.

But there were some positives (I mean, I was going to watch the next episode). Main character was interesting in his submissiveness. Like no agenda but to bend to the other characters. Not a knock, I’m genuinely intrigued. I’m strong willed, and tend to have a lot of other leader types in my close circle. Looks kind of nice to just blow around in the wind like this kid.

I would love to see a high school movie without letterman jackets and with no one giving two shits about the wealthy kids. Because that was my experience.

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