American Underdog

American Underdog ★★★

“Winning doesn’t always feel like winning, huh?”
“Never has.”

I enjoyed learning about Kurt Warner because:
-Arena Football League is some crazy shit
-Record breaking career by an older, undrafted player
-I was 12 years old living near STL during Warner’s heyday
-I was also very into Anna Paquin around that time coincidentally!

This movie could have gone real dark and bleak and messed up, Foxcatcher style. I’m actually relieved it kept things at an emotional arms length, surface level. But with that said, without getting into the pathos, why not go more of the 30 for 30 quick doc route?

People are very upset this is “faith based.” Honestly, I didn’t notice that. They mention God maybe 3 times. But maybe it’s kind of the whitewashing of grim times upsetting viewers.

Overall, weird middle ground territory that should have focused more on his career, but not so bad.

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