Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

I am a huge Spider-Man fan and Tom Holland has been doing an excelent job portraying a beloved superhero. Wanted to see Far From Home so bad since the events of Endgame and the effect of how Peter Parker got affected by it.

So kicking things up, cast was amazing. Tom did a great job and slowly but maturing Peter's character to new hights. Zendaya always deliver such a great performence. Samuel L. Jackson always do what he do best but Jake Gyllenhaal outdid himself. The Mysterio character took me by surprise and overall he did a amazing job.

Loved how the movie works this time arround. The whole combination of a silly romantic comedy mix with a superhero movie worked very well. It din't feel draged or anything, on the contreary, it made fun of it and thats why it works.

Homecoming we see a teenage Peter Parker with this abylities and trying to be the best he can for his city. In Far From Home we see a whole different Peter with the aftermath of Infinty War/Endgame we see him forzing himself to actually mature and take in charge but he is still a teenager since the snap took away 5 years of his life away, so he still wants to enjoy what a teen do. Plus the whole deal on how to move on with Tony Stark passing away affected Peter the most. Simply the script, the story was a perfect mix of dealing with type of feelings and owning up and becoming the hero he is known for.

Overall, Far From Home is such a incredible film of the MCU. Is a good feel movie to end an outstanding Phase 3 and giving us an idea what is next for the whole universe of Marvel.