Notorious ★★

This is the second time I've watched Notorious, and while I see the appeal, I feel it's a bit overrated. I love Ingrid and Cary, but their chemistry in this is just poor, and it makes their performances suffer. Grant seems uninterested, and Bergman comes off as if she's overselling her role. It's just not up to either of their standards, and it's a disappointment if I'm being honest. Especially when I know they can both do so much better.

I also feel like this is one of those films where the plot sounds better on paper than watching it unfold. A romantic espionage thriller would normally be right up my alley. However, the romance is unconvincing, and the espionage is pushed into the background. When combined with the questionable performances it makes for a film that falls far short on the thrills. I had to rewind it several times because it kept losing my attention. Which is obviously never a good sign.

The first time I watched Notorious I gave it a 3.5, which in retrospect feels far too generous. This rewatch has me baffled as to what I even saw in it the first time. I may be in the minority, but this is one of Hitchcock's most overrated films in my opinion. I'm not really sure for what reason (other than the names involved) this would be worth a 4/5 star rating. We'll all just have to agree to disagree on this one.

Essential Hitchcock: Alfred's 40 Highest Rated Films #20

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