It Follows

It Follows ★★★★

Not every movie has to be thematically deep or rich to be great. I don’t know that It Follows has anything to say about sex, youth, or death. But, it has one great premise, and a director who knows how to create tension. Some movies are so tight, look so good, and sound so good that they’re enough. It Follows, like the beautiful yet strange child of Halloween and Drive.

If infected, you will be pursued by a shape-shifting being until it kills you, or until you infect someone else. You never know what it will look like, but it is always coming. Writer/director David Robert Mitchell favors wide shots and longer takes, always suggesting space behind the characters. His signature shot here is a 360 circular shot that asks: Where is it going to come from next? You’re constantly looking over character’s shoulders. I found it a tremendously creepy, yet fun, effect.

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