Zack Snyder's Justice League ★½

You can dislike Whedon without justifyng the means by which he was finally vanquished. Snyder is the dark side (ha) of auteurism, singular vision at the expense of everyone else. While Marvel feels workshopped and focus grouped to death, Synder starts with an idea and then starts cramming square pegs until he reaches said point. Everything is at service to the Theme, the characters largely ciphers pushing it across the finish line.

I don’t make Feige-Ian demands that superhero movies be cheeky adventures, but there’s zero sense of joy or even fun in this. Just perfunctory gray, setups leading to McGuffins leading to quests leading to assembly leading to disassembly, One of those nakedly nothing plots, little side quests until the final boss. This is the length of two full movies and I feel like I got to know no one and nothing was really accomplished. Just bleak, you know? 

A full star for the Amazon island scene, some of the most well constructed, and escalated, action I’ve seen in any superhero movie. Gave me hope for the following 3 hours, unfulfilled but it still garnered an impressive commitment.

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