The Darjeeling Limited ★★½

Anderson needs to stop working with Roman Coppola. I’m not sure if he’s at fault or just brings out the worst in Wes, but whenever these two collaborate the scripts always get clunkier and the metaphors more blunt. Moonrise Kingdom succeeded mainly out of spite. I rolled my eyes when they literally shed their baggage climbing the train at the end, and I would have done worse if the “I guess I still have more healing to do” line hadn’t already exhausted me into throwing a shoe at the screen. 

The colors are beautiful, and more movies should be set in Himalayan India. But this ultimately felt like one of those classic rock box-set infomercials you see on TV, this time selling the Best of Wes Anderson. I can already see the text rolling down the screen, the “slow motion shot set to Kinks track” highlighted in yellow.