“You're gonna do it because the picture has worth! And you have worth if you serve the picture.”

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  • Under Siege

    Under Siege


    Fun movie, Davis is a master craftsman and Busey and Jones are given a long leash. After a strong start the plot starts to peter out, but it’s not an especially unique sin with this genre. Was surprised by Erika Eleniak, has the scales pressed against her by that gratuitous first scene, but takes her revenge with a solid performance.

  • The Artist

    The Artist


    One of the Weinsteins’ lesser crimes was burdening this perfectly nice feature with accolades it could neither justify nor carry.

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  • The Name of the Rose

    The Name of the Rose


    A very European adaption, full of grotesques and the most gratuitous sex scene in recent memory. The woman involved in the sex scene doesn’t do anything but be hot and not speak, she’s a creation sprung forth from the French imagaination. The Middle Ages were far from perfect, but this movie is so condescending to the time period as to be distracting. The monks are a freak show, the peasants feral animals, everything is covered in mud, and the inquisitiors…

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself, script is clever enough and there are some good jokes here, and the genre itself is always a delight. Maybe Johnson’s experiences with the Star Wars fanboys have scarred him, but he doesn’t trust his material enough to convey his message. He’s screaming to the back row, which is good for those who can’t hear but a bitch for the rest of us. A little too convinced of its own cleverness, a lot of…