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Top 3 actors
1• Christian Bale🐐
2• Leonardo DiCaprio
3• Robert DeNiro

Favorite films

  • Baby Driver
  • Whiplash
  • Arrival
  • La La Land

Recent activity

  • Shaun of the Dead


  • Oldboy


  • The Bad Guys


  • Lost in Translation


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  • Babylon



    My most anticipated film of the year and it did not disappoint.
    I absolutely loved this. The entire film felt like “Once upon a time in Hollywood” meets “The wolf of Wall Street”. It is over 3 hours of pure exhilarating cinema, and it didn’t bore me once.
    It is a beautiful appreciation to filmmakers and film as a whole.

    How Chazelle pulled off the ending to this film is absolutely beyond me. Some will love it, some will not. But I thought it was absolutely beautiful and even brought a tear to my eye

  • Puss in Boots

    Puss in Boots


    “First rule about bean club, you do not talk about bean club”

    Fight club definitely stole this line from Humpty Dumpty