Roma ★★★★★

Roma transcends film in a way that no other film I’ve ever watched has done. It is full of life, laughter, tears, heartbreak, wonder, spectacle and most importantly, full of colour. Yes the film may be shot entirely in monochrome black and white but if anything that adds even more colour to what is on display here. This is singlehandedly the most exquisite looking film I have ever seen. Each and every shot I could freeze at any moment take a screenshot, frame it, hang it up on the wall and it would look magnificent. And the composition of some of the shots is phenomenal, one in particular blew my mind at just how perfect it was constructed. Yalitza Aparicio should be winning every single goddamn award this season for her performance because it will blow your mind how great she is just through the look she conveys on her face at any single moment (and it will blow your mind even more to know she’s never acted in her life prior to this). Roma is a universally accessible film that will resonate with every person who has ever lived because it touches on themes and moments in the life of Cleo and the family she works for that have been experienced around the globe. Alfonso Cuarón is working at a standard here that most directors very rarely reach in their lifetime, he is in complete control of his craft with this semi-autobiographical film and really captures what it must have been like growing up in Mexico during this time. I feel like I could watch this for a third time today already. It is breathtaking. If there is any one film you watch this year, make it Roma.

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