Interstellar ★★

Holy hell this is bad. It's like a moron schooled an imbecile in "space stuff" (wormholes! 5 dimensions! um yeh, space stuff!), making sure to add Hollywood-engendered emotional bullet points, and with a ridiculous "Earth (ie, small-town America) can only grow corn and there's lots of dust" backstory thrown in for good measure. The music consists of two notes played over and over by a delinquent hamster. The ending is trash, varying between nonsense and sentimentality - but really this is just consistent with the rest of the movie. Welcome to Turdville, people. Gets to two stars for Matthew McConaughey's most memorable mumbled line: "Hwarfdfw gftgw arewsdr cfsds gwshffwmgmbbl fwwdeerr."

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