RRR ★★★★½

Who knew that the Baahubali duology was just a test run for what Rajamouli had in store for this film?

RRR is pure, unadulterated and unabashedly crazy fun. The way this thing is mounted is nothing short of incredible - the set design, the stunt choreography, the big dance sequence, the music, the story structure and the visual storytelling all perfectly complement each other. One thing I really love about Rajamouli is his unabashed sincerity and earnestness - no matter how crazy the proceedings get, he always treats his story, characters and the audience with respect, which is a perpetually rare thing in Indian blockbusters. Whatever you may feel about his films, you cannot deny Rajamouli's commitment to his craft.

I'm really glad Indian cinema is having its day in the Western limelight again after simmering under the surface for a while with this film. With its sheer scale, ambition and insane setpieces, it's really easy to see how it caught the imagination of western audiences.

On a different note, this film acts as a great antithesis to Sardar Udham like how Django Unchained acted as an antithesis to 12 Years a Slave - both great films that nevertheless take a staggeringly different approach to a shameful time in human history.

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