it's the millennium, motives are incidental.

deliciously, riotously insincere in its empathic affectations. not really about what the script insists it is about. rather, scream is about the comic black void at its center. it is about what it means to be a person with a past and future caught in the middle of a loony tunes cartoon from hell in which all outward displays of empathy are false, all interpersonal links are performative, and all reactions to tragedy drenched in irony. accusations of old-man-yells-at-cloud are missing the point because this isn't really about fear of the young but rather fear of a culture that insists upon our desensitization to pain. sidney drops a tv on the boy with no motive who doesn't know if he should laugh or cry at his own life ending while randy preaches the new code of reality because he's right life is a fucking video game. the people around sidney narcoleptically get by until their absurd deaths by interpreting the world entirely through pop culture. obviously sidney's arc for the rest of the series is a fruitless struggle to re-integrate herself into the dream of a world that makes sense. none of it makes sense. consider this a mirror.

deeply nihilistic film... i love it.

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