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  • Sweetie



    This one has me puzzled. The characters are too off for for a tragicomedy, yet there is a dark undertone that disqualifies it as a straight comedy. It also doesn't feel bitter enough to warrant a label as a black comedy. Not that those labels matter much, but veering wildly between those three points it was hard to find some consistency with it. At times it lands, and when it does it is a great film, but there were also…

  • Transformers


    It really is dumb. But I chose to sit down for a film about robots turning into cars so that's probably on me.

    Still even for what it is, it annoyed me. It is basically epilepsy inducing shots of things blowing up intersected with fragments of a US Army recruitment ad. The part of the soundtrack that doesn't consist of metal scraping, shots and explosions, is filled with after-school teen series jokes.

    The fact that is spawned a successful franchise is probably the only unexpected thing about this.

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  • The State I Am In

    The State I Am In


    I must have seen this film a year or two after it released, when it aired on public television. I liked it then, and once in a while it popped into my head again, that film with the German family on the run. Figuring it was one of those non-US films that gets a year or two before it disappears I never made a serious effort finding out the title because chances of finding it anywhere were very small. When…

  • Malmkrog



    An Eastern European 3+ hour film featuring people around a dinner table discussing morality and religion. I would love to have been in the room when the idea was first pitched.

    There is something strange about this film. The complete lack of action is a feature, yet I could not stop watching. I lost the thread of the conversation a few times, but kept getting sucked back in. Everything is filmed in long, static shots (the director making sure the…