Spencer ★★★★½

AT ㅤㅤㅤ A


If Jackie is depression wrought by grief, then Spencer is depression wrought by alienation.

Once again, Pablo Larrain expertly portrays the travails of a beloved 20th century icon by laser-focusing on a specific period of hardship - and where the former struggled to navigate tragedy, the latter, here, struggles to navigate identity.

In a line you'll have heard by now and will continue to hear in the coming months, the ever-underrated Kristen Stewart gives a career-best performance as Diana Spencer, depicting her internal struggle over the course of a single emotionally fraught weekend.

At times, you almost forget that you're watching Kristen Stewart and not the Princess herself, but other times there is, and this is far from a negative at all, something unmistakably Kristen Stewart about her.

Kristen Stewart becomes Diana - and just as much, Diana becomes Kristen Stewart, and the struggles of two women who have suffered under the microscopic scrutiny of prying eyes become inseparable.

A remarkable emotional odyssey propelled along by yet another noteworthy and phenomenal score by Jonny Greenwood, and a script marked with keen insights on the psychological toll of monarchial traditions - and the more universal struggle of balancing who you really are inside with the image of who the world expects you to be.

Drama - 9.25/10

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