Pig ★★★★½

We don't get a lot of things to really care about.

Simply incredible.

I've heard a lot of people comparing and contrasting this with John Wick - I never saw the trailer, so I don't know if the advertising set up certain expectations, but this is nothing remotely similar to that, except that their loglines sound vaguely alike.

Nicolas Cage plays a truffle hunter living in the Oregon wilderness, and when his beloved truffle pig is stolen, he must journey to Portland to find her.

This isn't an action movie though, nor is it a revenge thriller - it's simply an unexpectedly moving tale of a man's quest to find the only true friend he has left anymore.

And in the process, you end up with a powerful, somber meditation on grief and loss, and where we end up when we lose those closest to us. Nicolas Cage gives a fantastic, subdued performance here, possibly one of his best.

My mom's thoughts: "That was literally the saddest movie I've ever seen."

Drama - 8.75/10

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