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  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I'm not going to forget you. Just like you're not going to forget me.

    One of the most striking things about Licorice Pizza to me are the subtle and unexpected parallels with Paul Thomas Anderson's previous outing, Phantom Thread. At a glance, the two couldn't seem more different; while Phantom Thread is certainly underrated for its humor, this is unquestionably a much lighter and more carefree film, which can make its explorations of thornier subjects that much more disarming.


  • Titane



    Two trucks having sex, two trucks having sex
    My muscles, my muscles involuntarily flex

    Vehicular fucking.

    Titane is a film which comes out of the gate swinging with a barbed-wire baseball bat, taking the New French Extremity influences of Julia Ducournau's previous masterwork Raw, and cranking the intensity up to eleven. Subversion is the name of the game here, and perhaps the boldest stroke is its subversion of just what constitutes subversive in the first place.

    Following a car accident…

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  • No Man of God

    No Man of God


    "Do you know why I did it?"

    "Because you wanted to."

    Francois Truffaut famously said that it's impossible to make an anti-war war movie, because the act of depicting it always inadvertently ends up glorifying it; that which is supposed to horrify, instead titillates. One begins to suspect that the same may be true of Ted Bundy films. And if the industry maintains its current trajectory, the latter sub-genre may soon become more numerous than the former.

    This movie doesn't…

  • You Won't Be Alone

    You Won't Be Alone


    Sundance 2022, #6

    Are women wasps? Kisses chains? Me, am I devils?

    A lot of people are going to really hate this one, I feel. 2022's Lamb?

    This certainly feels like the folk-horror of Lamb as filtered through the lens of Terrence Malick - the almost montage-like nature of the narrative coupled with the ruminating voiceover is an unmistakable influence.

    It may be clearer in communicating its ideas than Lamb was - but because its themes are so broad, its…