• Yevade Subramanyam

    Yevade Subramanyam


    #YevadeSubramanyam - Over ambitious person having a life changing journey coz of his frend n what happens after that

    #Nani strikes gold everytime

    #VijayDevarkonda had a remarkable debut.. he acted in less screen space but still the impact is there till the end

    Good one...!!!

  • Kasaba


    #Kasaba - IG's son and son's fiance were dead was mysterious. Hero goes to that location and solves the mystery

    Normal investigative thriller whre twists doesnt work Predictable twists. Offers nothing

    Doesnt know why #Mammukka choose this

    Below avg - even we can say worst

  • Gentleman



    #Gentleman - Hero has sleeping disorder. He lost his bro n bro's wife in accident. His bro's daughter will be kidnapped. Hero will go search of that baby and finds a crime happening

    Nice plot and still there are some dull movements in the middle

    Still watchable👍

    Above averge

  • C/O Saira Banu

    C/O Saira Banu


    #CareofSairaBanu - Shane got accused for a case and Manju warrier tries to take shane out of that case

    As usual #ManjuWarrier adipoli 👏

    But the climax didnt satisfy me and it seems to be very blunt

    Good thriller - Above average ✌️

  • One



    #OneMovie - All about CM who tackles his personal n professional life together

    The idea is gud and they made a gud attempt

    Asusual #Mammukka done it with ease

    Loved the bond between #Mammootty n #Jijo

    Liked police station,college speech,auto travel scene

    Above average

  • Hey Jude

    Hey Jude


    #HeyJude - Two diff kind of personalities meeting and becoming frends. What happens in their life after that

    Brilliant acting from #Nivin best work in his career ❤️

    #Trisha too did her best 👍

    #Siddhique role 👏

    Such a heart whelming movie in malluwood ✌️

    Loved it

  • Thagaraaru



    #Thagararu - Four thick friends. One of the four got murdered and other three takes revenge on all their enemies

    #Arulnithi script scene 👏

    We have seen this kind of movie with madurai back drop already

    Still the climax twist will surprise you 👍


  • The Last Two Days

    The Last Two Days


    #TheLastTwoDays - Its all about three missing persons n what happen to them

    Neatly written with no extra scenes

    Movie starts straight in the stry

    Running time comes around 1 hr 15 mins which is a major plus point

    Good one 👍

  • Oram Po

    Oram Po


    #OramPo - A racy thriller which lacks proper scripting

    #GVP annikae yegappata fire vittrukkaru BGM la 💥

    Debut for #PushkarGayatri but its not a best film to make a debut

    First half shines where second half has so many lags


  • Malaysia to Amnesia

    Malaysia to Amnesia


    #MalaysiaToAmnesia - Out and out comedy movie after a long time but still it doesnt work in all places

    #MSBhaskar rocked with his performance and his character is also gud 👍

    #Vaibhav selection of scripts are perfect but in execution his movies are getting spoiled


  • Kho Kho

    Kho Kho


    #KhoKho - Template sports drama with nothing new

    #RajishaVijayan done her part

    The stry is too old but the screenplay was little interesting but still has some lags


  • Brindavanam



    #Brindhavanam - A light hearted movie which carries emotion and love but still radha mohan failed to capture that gud moments which he had in his prev movies

    Loved #MSBhaskar performance and his dialogues

    #Arulnithi always a gem when comes to selection of scripts

    Above Avg!